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Do you know what the acronyms HZN and HRN mean?

16 May 2015
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Every state in the world has a standardization agency or institution for the management of standards and standardization. In Croatia it is the Croatian Standards Institute or short HZN (Hrvatski zavod za norme). Institute was founded by Croatian Government on 27 of October 2004. as a public, non-profit institution for the fulfillment of the objectives of standardization, and carry out activities and tasks related to standardization.

Some of the activities of the Croatian Standards Institute include:
- preparation, adoption and publication of Croatian standards
- publishing of other documents related to standardization
- representing Croatia in international and European standardization organizations
- maintaining the collection of Croatian standards
- keeping a register of Croatian standards
- informing about the current standards, changes and other actualities

The main goal of the HZN as the Croatian national standards body is to accept the European and Croatian standards in order to enable European level of safety and quality of products and services, and thus their free movement in the Croatian and international markets.

The abbreviation HZN also stands for the active and valid Croatian standard approved by the Croatian Standards Institute, and issued according to the Ordinance on drafting, issuing and publication of Croatian standards.


The Croatian standard (HRN) is any standard is accepted by the Croatian Standards Institute  and applied in the Republic of Croatia.

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