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Voestalpine is investing 100 million euros in a new plant for continuous casting

04 August 2015
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In Linz, Voestalpine Group continues investing in the modernization and development of the steelworks. Among other development projects, construction of a new plant for the continuous casting called CC8 (eng. Continuous Caster 8) began this month.


Voestalpine will invest more than EUR 100 million, and the aim of the investment is production of 1.2 million tons of high quality steel a year. Modern technology will enable the production of high-quality materials fulfilling the most stringent requirements regarding the quality of the surface.


Work began after opening ceremony on July 16 and their end is expected in 24 months. Since CC8's capacity of 1.2 million tons of steel per year covers a fifth of current production, Voestalpine plans to shut down outdated plant CC3.


New plant for continuous casting will produce steel panels up to a maximum thickness of 22.5 cm and a width of 80 to 182 cm. If necessary, the thickness of the panel could be raised to 28.5 cm. The basis of production will be high-strength steels with very low carbon content (Ultra Low Carbon), which, because of their specific use in the energy and automotive industry, have very demanding standards for appearance and quality of the surface material.


Voestalpine Group in its Austrian headquarters in Linz has one of the most modern steelworks in the world, and they invested over 3.3 billion euros in its development in the last 10 years.

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