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Temporary anti-dumping duties on imports of stainless steel from China and Taiwan

07 June 2015
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On 26 June last year the European Commission started an investigation of the import of stainless steel cold rolled flat products - SSCR from China and Taiwan. The investigation was based on Eurofer's complaints d by Eurofer. According to Eurofer, imports of SSCR from China and Taiwan significantly increased due to lower prices, which resulted in negative trends in the European market and production. It is estimated that China and Taiwan took over 17% of the total European market, with a value of approximately 620 million euros.

Based on the recent results of the investigation, the European Commission made a decision on imposing temporary safeguards in the form of anti-dumping duties of up to 25.2% for China and 12% on products coming from Taiwan.

The investigation showed that imports from China and Taiwan increased by 70% in the period from 2010 to 2013, which in the same period increased their market share by 64%. Since import prices were lower by 10.5% in average, European manufacturers were in a very unfavorable situation, which escalated in 2014. Pressure from the East increased dramatically. Imports from China and Taiwan soared by 200% and the market share increased by 180% comparing to the year 2010.

The main cause of this problem is in the large production capacities of China and Taiwan, which considerably exceeds the needs of their domestic markets, so they export surpluses to the West countries at minimum prices.

In the same time, the European stainless steel industry made the opposite - the painful restructuring in order to reduce production surpluses and increase efficiency.

Eurofer welcomed the decision of the European Commission, pointing out that they always stand for fair market conditions and healthy competition.

Final measures of the European Commission will be prescribed no later than 25 September

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