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8 Croatian companies took part in the global transport industry fair InnoTrans 2016.

28 September 2016
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Photo: © InnoTrans 2016.

This year even 8 Croatian companies presented their products at the most important international fair of transport engineering InnoTrans 2016, which was held in Berlin last week.


Railway Carriages Factory Čakovec took part in InnoTrans for the first time

The Railway Carriages Factory Čakovec, a subsidiary company of HZ Cargo Ltd, presented their products for the first time at the transport engineering fair. As the main product, the company presented an innovative self-propelled wagon for transportation of bulk cargo that has drawn great attention of the public as well as business partners.

According to the technical specifications, this wagon can move without a locomotive because it has its own engine built in and it is designed to save energy and reduce the time of transport and unloading. The hydraulic system and adjustable door on the side allow unloading of materials in controlled and safe conditions. The Railway Carriages Factory Čakovec developed this wagon within the project "Marketintroductionof a self-propelledbulkcarriage - SELF PROP RAIL" financed by the European Union with € 444,694.00. The aim of the project was the development of a more efficient means of transport for bulk carriers with a reduced negative impact on the environment.


InnoTrans RZV Cakovec self prop rail

Photo: © InnoTrans 2016

Koncar introduced low-floor diesel-electric train

Koncar is the traditional participant at InnoTrans. This year they presented a three-part diesel-electric low-floor composition developed for the needs of regional rail transport in Croatia. This modern diesel-electric railcar already runs on the Croatian railways. It has 167 seats and 175 standing places, and can achieve a top speed of 120 km / h. It is equipped with four pairs of double doors and has two ramps for entry and exit of persons in wheelchairs and space for bicycles. The train has the most modern equipment built in, which was designed and manufactured in KONČAR.

Beside the train Koncar also presented the semiconductor circuit that is, as a basic building block, a component of the inverter of main drive in railway industry, and has been applied to new railway vehicles or the modernized old vehicles.


Koncar - low-floor diesel-electric trainPhoto: © Končar 2016


Gredelj Rolling Stock Factory at InnoTrans for the fourth time

Gredelj Rolling Stock Factory successfully presented its products to the public. Together with its consortium partner Končar, the company introduced the low-floor electric train designed according to the order of HZ Passenger Transportation. They also presented a diesel-electric locomotive, series JT. 38 CW-DC, reconstructed and modernized for the Kosovo railways.


InnoTrans 2016 - Modern Croatian Train

Photo: © InnoTrans 2016

Djuro Djakovic presented a special tank wagon Zacns

This year, Djuro Djakovic presented their products and services in the railway industry through its two subsidiaries.

Djuro Djakovic Special Vehicles presented the new special tank wagon type Zacns. It is a 4-axle tank wagon, which was thermally insulated and designed for the transport of emulsion of calcium carbonate in all temperature conditions. By optimization and the application of modern technologies in the development and production, tank wagons ensure a high payload capacity with a minimized wagon weight.

Djuro Djakovic Strojna obrada d.o.o. presented the products and services for the railways, highlighting the wheelset, shafts, gears, and performing services on gearboxes and wheelsets.


Altpro presented its signaling solutions for rail transport for the seventh time

The company Alpro from Zagreb takes part regularly in the world fair of transport engineering. 11 This year, they presented their latest solutions in the field of signal and safety equipment for railway rolling stock and infrastructure:
- RLC23 - SIL4 safety system for the level crossing with a road LED signal CS-LHR and setter of semi-barriers PB13
- BO23-MT - counter shaft adapted for LRT applications with sensor ZK24-M, designed for metro vehicles
- AUTOSTOP Indusi system with central unit RAS8385, track balises PM500 and PM1020 and locomotive balises LLC0512, a system of vigilance and diagnostic equipment
- SIL4 systems for the detection of railway vehicles - detection system TDR14 and counter BO23


Among croatian companies at the fair, there were also representatives of DIV group with its program for the railways, and the company Tromont d.o.o. with electrical installations.


InnoTrans 2016 - Trains

Photo: © InnoTrans 2016

InnoTrans - world's largest rail industry trade fair

InnoTrans fair is the largest European fair of transport industry and technology, the most important of its kind in the world. It takes place since 1996 and brings together the most important business names in the industry. This year's 11th InnoTrans broke all previous records. The fair in Berlin was visited by 145,000 people from 140 countries. 2,955 companies from 60 countries presented their products and services to the visitors. There were even 149 world premieres, and 127 vehicles exhibited.

The importance of this fair is particularly emphasized by the fact that, on average, every other visitor is an executive person in the company who directly decides on the procurement of the products and/or services.

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