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Leadership changes at RASCO

21 September 2015
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After 25 years of successful management of RASCO, Mr Frane Franičević is leaving the position of Chief Executive Officer. The new CEO of RASCO is Mr Ivan Franičević, who up to now held the position of the Chief Operations Officer of the company.


Mr Frane Franičević and Mr Darko Paviša started RASCO in 1990. As the founders of the company, both held leading position since its foundation. After 25 years of successful leadership, Mr Franičević on 15 September 2015 left the position of Chief Executive Officer of the company. A new CEO, Mr Ivan Franičević, previously the Chief Operations Officer of RASCO, was named. Darko Paviša also left the position of Chief Executive Officer and moved to the position of Director of Business Support and Administration.

At the same time, the new leadership of RASCO was announced. Apart from the new CEO, new directors of key departments were named, thereby finishing the process of leadership transition.

On this occasion, Mr Frane Franičević and Mr Darko Paviša, the owners of RASCO, stated: “During the last 25 years of RASCO, our mission was to create a stable, reliable and globally recognized manufacturer of road maintenance equipment. We were always focused on fulfilling customers’ demands and expectations, creating highly functional and reliable machinery, providing leading customer service and caring for our employees. We believe that the enthusiasm, effort and inventiveness of the new generation of leadership will ensure long term growth of the company, while respecting the core values we implanted into RASCO.”

The new CEO Mr Ivan Franičević stated: “I feel proud that my team and I have the opportunity to take over as leaders of RASCO, a company recognized in Europe as one of the leading manufacturers of road maintenance equipment. The future I would like to build for RASCO includes growth through new products, new markets and new investments. This future will always be based on the core values of this company – strong customer focus, products that exceed expectations and a leading work environment for our employees.”

The new Chief Executive Officer Ivan Franičević graduated in 2006 from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing with a Master of Engineering degree and in 2010 from London Business School with a Master of Business Administration degree. After a career outside of RASCO involving positions in sales and corporate strategy, for the last five years he was the Chief Operations Officer of the company.


Source: Rasco

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