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Futuristic ideas for Peljesac Bridge

19 May 2015
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Project for bridge Pelješac Photo: Ivica Plavec

Architect Ivica Plavec, an assistant professor at the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture, publicly presented his vision of Pelješac bridge, the modern multifunctional mega- structure 2.4 kilometers long, with 400 000 square meters of usable area.

The project is all that modern global marketplace requires - originality, multifunctionality, environmentally oriented, modular - qualities that could make the vision become a reality.

The bridge would be built from modules made of glass and wood, in the form of a honeycomb.

The first thing that catches the eye when you see the conceptual image is striking and original design, like a huge snake with interesting structured surface, slithering from one side of the coast to another. The complete unity would be built by modules made of glass and wood. Three traffic lanes would pass through the bridge, each on separate floor. The highest floor would be for pedestrians and cyclists who would enjoy the wonderful view on the beautiful sea and the peninsula Klek. Below, the traffic of motor vehicles would take place, each direction on tthe different floor. The interior of the modules is designed as the perfect place for an elite hotel, a museum, shops, apartments, a conference center, sports facilities and other commercial properties. This exclusive area would certainly lure many investors.

The project, which looks a bit utopian, it may be a lot closer to reality than it seems at first glance. Instead of just roads above sea level, the presented building could in relatively reasonable time return on investment and create new jobs. Furthermore, this kind of bridge would be something special and never seen before, something that will attract visitors.

The price of this mega-structures is estimated at cca EUR 900 million, which is twice more than the conceptual design made by Jure Radic. The difference is that this bridge could return on the investment, and therefore be interesting to European Union to take part in financing the project. (Another solution is to find a quality strategic partner, as the Serbian government managed for the project "Belgrade on the water.")

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