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Brodosplit continues successful business year

23 November 2015
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Soon after it has recently delivered ship blocks for the Italian group Fincantieri, Brodosplit started to produce the first Croatian eco ships powered by liquefied natural gas. Successful business year is completed by orders for the next four years.


The third delivery for the Italian Group Fincantieri

In early November Brodosplit completed the third project for one of the world's largest shipbuilding groups - Italian Fincantieri. Four equipped sections, so-called grand blocks were built, which will be installed in the bow of a luxury cruise ship. More than 1,450 tons of steel were built in those sections, and number of hours spend on this project equals the one that takes to build one domestic ferry.

Management of the Brodosplit especially emphasized that it is a most demanding part of the hull which includes bow bulb, installation of three bow thruster which will enable easier maneuvering in small spaces, several tanks for ballast water and hull structure consisting of several decks with installed equipment.

With these three orders Fincantieri group expressed satisfaction and confidence in the work of Split shipbuilding industry. On the other hand, by the construction of ship sections Brodosplit has proven its quality and reliability, and became an equal-level business partner of the Italian group in the joint construction of luxury passenger cruise ships.

Built grand blocks were loaded on a cargo ship (barge) that towed them to the shipyards of Monfalcone, where they will be mounted on the ship in dry dock.


Steel Sections for Fincantieri

photo: Brodosplit

Beginning of construction of four ships to transport containers, powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Last week in the Brodosplit shipbuilding industry processing steel has started for projects under the numbers 476, 477, 478 and 479. It is the beginning of production of four ships for the transport of containers that will be powered by liquefied natural gas. This is a continuation of the restructuring program, and that will make Brodosplit add also commercial transport ships to its fleet, beside motor yachts and sailing ships.

By starting the construction of these ships, Brodosplit has become the first Croatian shipyard that started the project of building an ecologically-driven ships to transport tanks. These vessels for the transport of containers will be 184.43 m long, 27.5 m wide and 15.80 m high. Each of them will be able to carry 24,000 tons of cargo and 2,000 tanks in standard lengths of 20 feet (TEU - twenty foot equivalent unit - 6.1 m). Maximum speed will amount to 18 knots (nautical mile/hour) and will be driven by an engine of 11 060 kW.

The biggest advantage of this ships will be the engines built the MAN license. It is a two-stroke engine of high efficiency and low rpm - which will reduce maintenance costs and extend the lifetime of the drive. Furthermore, it will be able to use dual-fuel: LNG - liquefied natural gas and standard HFO - Heavy fuel oil.

By using the liquefied natural gas as an environmentally most acceptable fossil fuels, these ships will have four to five times less costs than any other ship in its class, and the 30 to 50 times less environmental pollution. Due to increasingly stringent international environmental protection laws, these ships will soon become very attractive in the global market.
It should be emphasized that the tanks for liquefied natural gas, as well as stroke "dual fuel" engines will be manufactured in Brodosplit.

"By the construction of these ships Shipbuilding Industry Split and Brodosplit-Plovidba are entering the shipbuilding market niche which will enable the Split shipyard sustainable business, higher employment capacity and the getting references for the construction of ships which soon will be more in demand." - said Tomislav Debeljak, CEO of Brodosplit and screw factory DIV Samobor.


Brodosplit - Container ship fueled with LNG

photo: Brodosplit

Project MOSE - Brodosplit saves Venice

On the international tender organized by the Italian architectural and building consortium "Venezia Nuova" Brodosplit is selected as one of the performers at the historically important project in Italy – rescuing Venice from the great difficulties that have been caused by tide.

Brodosplit won two projects: building 21 steel doors on passing Malamocco, and an additional 20 steel doors to be installed on the passing Chioggia. The value of these projects is about 50 million euros, and through them over 12,000 tons of steel will be installed.


Brodosplit is building the largest sailing ship in the world

Among all the previously mentioned projects, in September this year Brososplit also began construction of the largest cross-sail ship in the world. The project was contracted with the company Star Clippers Ltd., which is known for ships that are true replicas of historic sailing ships.

According to the order, Brodosplit will make a modern replica of an old sailing ship from 1911, which was named the "France II". The ship will have a length of 162 meters, a width of 18.5 meters and a capacity of 2,000 t. With five masts, sails will have a total area of up to 6,347 square meters.

This luxury sailing ship will have three pools on the deck, filled with fresh or sea water, with underwater lights, heating and bubbles. The ship will have five decks with 150 cabins for 300 passengers and 74 cabins for 150 crew members. The ship is designed primarily for sailing, but it will also have two engines.

On this ship, Brodosplit will install a new security system for the safe return to port, for the first time. This system doubles all the important equipment for the control and operation of the ship. So the new sailing ship will have two completely independent engine rooms, and each of them could enable the normal functioning of the ship in case the other fails.

Launching of the new vessel is planned for summer 2016, with the handover to the customer in December 2017.

Brodosplit - Largest Sailing Ship

photo: Brodosplit

Brodosplit currently has full capacity by 2019, amounting to EUR 260 million.

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