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WSA: World crude steel production fell by 7.1% in January

29 February 2016
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World crude steel production fell by 7.1% in January, comparing with the same period last year

World Steel Association - WSA published statistics for the production of crude steel in January of this year. According to the statistics, the global crude steel production fell by 7.1% comparing to the same period last year. Sixty-six members of the associations reported a total of 127,724,000.00 tonnes of steel produced, which is almost 10 million tonnes less than the previous year.

The EU produced 13.5 million tonnes of steel, which is one million ton less than last year. Following the major problems that steel industry is facing, the largest decrease was recorded in the UK which produced only 656,000 tonnes of crude steel, which means 38% less than in January 2015. British crude steel production, the third month in a row, amounts to about 600 to 650,000 tonnes per month, which was last recorded in the first quarter of 2012. German steel industry recovered in January with a jump of 20% in relation to the unfavorable 2.9 million tonnes of steel produced in December 2015 and reached standard 3.6 million tonnes .

In the ex-Yugoslavian region, big decrease in crude steel production in Serbia is surprising. Last year Serbia produced 79 tonnes per month in average, while in January this year it produced only 35 tonnes. Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia have maintained their production within the average values. The same goes for Croatia, which is convincingly at the bottom of the European list of steel production, with 5 tonnes per month .

Russia recorded a decline of 10% in January, and produced 5.55 million tonnes of steel. This is 600,000 tonnes less than in January last year, and 200,000 tonnes less than in December 2015. Comparing the same period, Ukraine production increased by 3.6% or 50,000 tonnes.

The big decline was also recorded in the United States. Compared to January 2015, production of crude steel in January 2016 decreased by 600,000 tonnes, but just for the same amount the production increased compared to December last year.

Logically, China recorded the largest decline in tonnage. Chinese fall in production of crude steel of 7.83% corresponds to the entire monthly production of Russia, 5.367 million tonnes precisely. This is an additional million less than in December 2015, which could awaken optimism about the regulation of the largest global steel sector.

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