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Stainless steel price in the European market remains stable

12 August 2015
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On the European market, stainless steel base price is very stable and there is no indication this will change soon.

The base price for stainless steel 1.4301 in 2 mm sheet is around € 1,070 / t to € 1,080 / t, equal to the prices of the previous two months. As it is expected, vacations and the summer slowdown of business reduced the demand for stainless steel and appeased the market.


Despite the low activity of the market, significant difference between the highest and lowest selling price are recorded - some suppliers sell 2 mm stainless sheet in quality 1.4301 at the price of € 1,100 / t, while some manufacturers sell their products very cheap, at only € 1040 / t. Regarding the average price of € 1,075 / t and comparing it to last year's price at the period, stainless steel in quality 1.4301 decreased by 4% or 45 € / t. As for the future price trend, no significant progress is expected until the end of August. There are no bigger projects in Europe, and large number of companies closed their plants.


It remains to be seen what changes will occur in September, especially regarding the reaction that will be triggered by the adopted anti-dumping safeguard measures on imports of stainless steel from China and Taiwan.


In contrast to the stable base price of stainless steel, the decline of alloy surcharge is continued eighth month in a row. It is a trend followed by a continuous decrease in value of nickel on the world market. In July last year, the price of nickel amounted to 19,118 US dollars per ton, and it was her peak. Alloy surcharge at the same time amounted to € 1,394 / t, and in a short time increased even to € 1,444 / t. Today, the price of nickel is $ 10,775 / t, and the price of alloy surcharge is € 1,090 / t, with a tendency of further decrease.

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