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20 January 2017
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Properties of Chronifer M-15 X


The Chronifer M-15X is a hardenable matensitic stainless steel. It is produced by an exclusive powder metallurgy technique whereby it is vacuum melted, nitrogen alloyed, gas atomized, consolidated by hot isostatic pressing (HIP), warm rolled, and cold drawn.

Chronifer M-15 X is a clean steel having a very fine microstructure (ASTM grain size No up to 10-11), of exceptional homogeneity. All these properties make it up to 15-20% stronger in comparison to the standard alloy 1.4057 (AISI 431). Its uniformity and reproducibility, hot and cold formability, hardening capacity, and its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance are superior.
It has a fair to good machinability, and, after heat treatment, both outstanding polish ability and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it's well adapted to all polishing processes and methods. Consequently, exceptionally fine surfaces can be achieved using Chronifer M-15 X.

The Chronifer M-15 X is well adapted to the N2 phase expansion technique. This technique gives room for increased surface hardness, i.e. HRc ≥ 57, and simultaneously, a still better corrosion resistance through its higher surface PREN.


Chronifer M-15 X Watch Making Steel

The watch making industry is using Chronifer M-15 X, (431X) hardenable stainless steel. Its improved features make it possible to produce very economically parts for watch movements, because the uniformity of its properties within close tolerances, are exceptional. The corrosion resistance, workability and hardness are all qualities that make it most suitable for watch movement making.


Medical Steel Chronifer M-15 X

The steels used in the medical field should be corrosion resistant, have an easy workability and a durable life. Chronifer M-15 X (431 X; 1.4057 X) has all these qualities, and even improved ones. This makes it the material of choice for the production of medical instruments.

Almost all cutting surgical instruments are made of martensitic stainless steels, because of their high hardness, retained sharpness, bluntness resistance and durability, compared to austenitic stainless steels. The inherent qualities of the Chronifer M-15 X make it most amenable for the production of such cutting as well as general, non-cutting, surgical, and medical instruments or devices.


Chronifer M-15 X Stainless Steel Martensitic

It's the high strength and hardness that distinguishes martensitic stainless steels from the other stainless steels.

In its general delivery condition it has an UTS, or tensile strength Rm >800MPa, and >1500 MPa in the heat-treated condition. Its ductility in this condition is exceptionally high, A ≈ >8%. In the heat-treated condition, this steel has a surface hardness HRc > 50-55, or Hv10 > 515-600. Even higher surface hardness can be achieved through the N2 phase expansion technique, which enhances the corrosion resistance at the same time.

M-15 X / (431(X) / 1.4057 X / X 17 CrNi 16-02 X) is a martensitic hardenable stainless steel produced in rod wires, bars, wires, coils and strips. Extra tolerances can be provided on request.

For example, small size round products can be obtained in very close tolerances, down to IT 4-5.

Other applications of Chronifer M-15 X

The Chronifer M-15X is also used for fine mechanical engineering and in the automotive industry.


L. Klein SA and Chronifer M-15 X

Chronifer M-15 X was conceived and developed by L.Klein SA in partnership with one of the leading steel manufacturers of the world and metallurgists from the region. This modern steel meets and exceeds all the current requirements for medical instruments of high standing quality.

Klein SA specializes in the trade of high quality special steels and metals, usually in small quantities. Founded in 1946, they have continuously expanded their scope of products and have extensive knowledge and experience. They can give advice on the various metals and their appropriate uses as needed. They have Chronifer M-15 X bars in stock and it can be delivered worldwide even in units.

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