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What can be done from one ton of copper?

30 May 2015
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Today's society is not aware of how much copper has become an integral part of our everyday life and how much we depend on it. In order to get some perspective of how much copper participates in our world, the European Copper Institute made this interesting infographic.

One ton of copper is sufficient to produce:
- 2,000,000 integrated computer circuits
- 300,000 digital cameras
- 250,000 smartphones and tablets
- 3,000 electrical and electronic devices (TV, stereo, Playstation)
- 2,000 antimicrobial doorknobs
- 1 industrial transformer
- 10 large industrial engines
- 50 heating systems
- 125 air conditioners
- 1,000 household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines ...)
- 450,000 guitar wires

This is just a small selection of products of our everyday life with copper.

All of us take for granted all the benefits provided by life in modern homes. Lighting, heating and cooling, communications, water, appliances, electricity – it all depends on the components built from or containing copper. We shouldn't forget that the copper and brass are more and more present also as a decorative element.

Copper is widely used in all types of transport vehicles - from planes, trucks, cars to transport infrastructure. Maritime as well has a long history of using of this metal. Today's driving propellers are designed for maximum efficiency and minimal corrosive influence of seawater, which is provided by mixture of copper, nickel and aluminum.

Copper is also used in the renewable energy industry.

Today's technology-oriented world would hardly survive without copper.

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