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The downward trend of aluminium

28 May 2015
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According to the International Aluminium Institute, in April this year 4.733 million tons of aluminium is produced, with only a slight decline comparing to March when it reached a record level of monthly production amounting to 4.771 million tons of aluminium.

The market is saturated with aluminium and decreasing prices threatens to endanger the whole industry. Western production reduced its production capacity, but aluminium from China manages to compensate the difference and even to exceed it.

In April, China produced 2.587 million tons of aluminium, which means 54.6% of world production. (Just a decade ago, China's share in the world production of aluminum amounted to 20%). It is followed by Europe and Russia with 613 million tons (12.9%), North America with 374 million tonnes (7.9%), the GCC with 421 million tons (8.9%), all other with 738 million tons (15.7%) .

Price of aluminium still has downward trend as it was in the same time last year. Afterwards, the market recovered slightly thanks to reduced production and increased demand. On 21 May 2014 the lowest price of aluminium was recorded, which fell to $ 1.714 per metric ton. Whether the same story will be repeated, or aluminium will fall below the current 1,726 US dollars per ton, it remains to be seen.

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