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Advertise with us is only thematically specialized portal for the metal, metal products and metal industry in the region. Thanks to this focus, it is visited by the target interest group specialized in the acquisition, processing, sales of metal and metal products, or are otherwise associated with the metal sector. Advertising on portal becomes a marketing tool in your hands which enables you to present yourself, your company, product or service you offer. Become part of the e-metallicus community that will present you not only at the local and regional level, but also globally because all of the content is available in Croatian, English and German.


Why advertise on the portal e-metallicus?

  • your ad is shown to people who are really interested in your product or service

  • your potential customers expect your work, your knowledge, your references and primarily your brand to be presented in an accessible and easily discoverable place

  • you increase the possibility that visitors will remember your name and your logo, and they will think of you when they need such services or products

  • you will increase the attendance rate and rank of your own websites, which means that other users will find you more easily

  • it is predicted that Internet as an advertising medium will overtake TV by the end of this decade

  • thanks to smart phones, tablets and computers the number of users who look up for all relevant information on the Internet is dramatically increase

  • since there is a competition of billion web sites, your presence on the web is no longer visible as it once used to be - to be noticed, you have to be sorted out enables promotion company in three ways:

  1. entrering the list of manufacturers, suppliers and carriers you can be part of a regional B2B system
  2. advertising banners on pages of the
  3. sponsorship of the e-metallicus


For all information related to the entering the list of manufacturers, suppliers or carriers, advertising and sponsorship, and also the benefits that can be obtained, please contact us via our email address or contact form.

Regardless of the way of promotion that suits your needs, we approach to each partner individually. Cooperating on your promotion, we will convey the desired information to our visitors which belong to diverse group of people of different age and nationalities, probably including your future business partners.